The Nemesis ERC-20 payment token

Living on Ethereum blockchain, NEMS serves as the basis for crypto transactions within The Nemesis. With the ability to exchange NEMS on crypto exchanges, users can easily access and trade this token, expanding their ownership of The Nemesis NFTs and participating in the platform's vibrant economy.

To ensure the utmost security and efficiency, the initial s.upply of NEMS is assigned to a contract powered by GnosisSafe, a leading technology for creating multi-signature wallets on the Ethereum network. This contract effectively manages the logic of multi-signature transactions, providing enhanced security and control over the NEMS token.

Within this contract, a system of permits is established to govern the handling of NEMS tokens. Only authorised addresses are granted the ability to move tokens from the main contract pool, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for token management.

NEMS stands as the backbone of The Nemesis ecosystem, facilitating seamless transactions, powering the acquisition of valuable NFTs, and offering a reliable and secure token experience within the Ethereum blockchain.


With NEMS, you have a world of possibilities within The Nemesis ecosystem:

  • Buy COINS: Utilise your NEMS tokens to purchase in-game COINS. Earn 50% more on the price of in-app purchases, allowing you to acquire more resources and boost your progress.

  • Purchase Lands: Invest your NEMS in buying Lands NFT, which are sold on Opensea. Owning Lands grants you exclusive ownership and control over these virtual plots within The Nemesis, but also endless opportunities for customisation.

  • Collect Limited Edition NFTs: NEMS is the primary currency for acquiring The Nemesis' coveted limited edition NFTs. These NFTs encompass a range of game assets, Companions, skins, collectibles, and more.

  • Cash out COINS: Accumulate COINS through Miners, gameplay achievements or challenges and activities organised by Brands and influencers. Please note that only COINS resulting from rewards and third-party transactions are eligible for cashout through NEMS (N.B. purchased COINS cannot be traded for NEMS). You can cash out your NEMS on external crypto exhanges, with specific transaction limits (min. 250 CHF and max. 1,000 CHF) and KYC procedure for cashout over 1,000 CHF per month*.

NEMS opens doors to a range of possibilities within The Nemesis ecosystem, allowing you to enhance your gameplay, acquire valuable assets, and even convert your in-game achievements into real-world value through the cashout option. Enjoy the benefits and experiences that NEMS brings to your journey within The Nemesis.

*The Nemesis adheres to Anti-Money Laundering regulations and is affiliated with the Supervisory Organisation for Financial Intermediaries & Trustees (SO-FIT).

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