The engine of The Nemesis circular economy

In The Nemesis, cards hold significant value as valuable assets that players can collect and store in their inventory. These cards fall into 2 categories: common and rare. Common collectibles are distinguishable by their blue backgrounds, while rare collectibles have orange backgrounds. Moreover, there are 5 types of cards: food, tools, weapons, vehicles, and vegetables. They serve different purposes and can be used in various ways within the game.

Players can obtain cards in multiple ways. They can purchase them in the Marketplace, earn them through gameplay activities, or trade them with other users.

Cards have specific uses within the game. For example, there may be ad-hoc games within the platform where cards can be utilized, such as card games or other gameplay mechanics. Additionally, players will have the option to exchange cards for chests in the upcoming marketplace (coming soon).

Furthermore, collecting a significant number of cards of the same type, specifically 1,000 cards, grants players the ability to redeem a limited edition NFT version of the same card (subject to availability). This adds an element of rarity and exclusivity to the collection aspect of the game, incentivizing players to gather and trade cards to reach this milestone.

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