The second collection of The Nemesis NFTs

Living on the Ethereum blockchain, RC-NITRO are ERC-721 NFTs: 8,888 unique cars that can be purchased, exchanged and used within The Nemesis. These cars are not merely cosmetic: they possess powerful traits and attributes that directly influence the RC-NITRO gameplay experience.

The collection was sold out in a matter of days after its launch but RC-NITRO cars are available on the secondary market.

RC-NITRO cars are equipped with a variety of traits, including Body, Wheels, Accessory, Finiture, TurboFX, Horn, and Background. These traits, combined with a total of 112 unique attributes, contribute to the overall performance and capabilities of each car. Four essential categoriesSpeed, Grip, Acceleration, and Fine Tuning—further enhance the gameplay dynamics, offering a nuanced and strategic experience for RC-NITRO enthusiasts.

The attributes and categories directly impact the RC-NITRO gameplay, allowing players to fine-tune their cars to suit their preferred style and optimise performance on the virtual tracks of The Nemesis metaverse. Whether it's achieving lightning-fast speeds, maintaining superior grip, accelerating with precision, or fine-tuning the car's mechanics, the attributes and categories provide players with a range of strategic choices and possibilities.

RC-NITRO cars serve as more than just collectible items—they become essential buddies in the thrilling racing experiences within RC-NITRO gameplay. Choose your car wisely, customise it to your liking, and hit the virtual tracks to compete against fellow players in exhilarating races, where skill, strategy, and the unique attributes of your RC-NITRO car will determine victory.

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