Virtual properties with endless possibilities

The Nemesis Lands are 5x5 unit ERC-721 NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs represent digital parcels of the Metaverse and are generated randomly through an algorithm, ensuring that each Land is unique and one-of-a-kind. They have specific sizes and matrices providing a diverse range of virtual landscapes within the Metaverse.

The Nemesis Lands offer a wide range of possibilities and opportunities for users to express their creativity and establish their presence within the Metaverse. Thanks to The Nemesis Editor, Owners can customise their Lands with various 3D Sets, assets, creating unique environments that reflect their individual style and preferences.

Lands can serve as hubs for social interactions, gaming experiences, virtual events, and much more. They provide a space for users to connect and showcase their creations to the community. Whether it's hosting virtual gatherings, setting up unique gaming experiences, or showcasing art installations, the possibilities within The Nemesis Lands are vast and diverse.

The rarity of The Nemesis Lands is determined by their traits, as each Land has 6 traits and a total of 135 attributes. The traits are: Sector, Terrain, Filler (Editor v.2), Miner World, Miner Production, Zone.

The attributes are distributed as follows: 80 Sectors, 20 Terrains, 20 Fillers, 4 Miner Worlds (+ no Miner), 3 Miner Productions (+ no Miner), 6 Zones.

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