Treasure Hunt

This gameplay lets users embark on a fun adventure as they delve into surprising Metaverses, seeking to uncover hidden clues and complete thrilling missions.

The goal is to find all the scattered hints and solve the puzzle to claim fantastic rewards such as discount coupons, free event tickets, NFTs, merchandise, and more. Users have to navigate through the virtual world, clicking on clues strategically placed throughout the Metaverse, as they aim to complete the challenge in the shortest time possible. They can replay the game as many times as they like, to improve their best time and strive for perfection.

As they successfully unravel the puzzle, they will earn valuable experience, which contributes to advancing their PUZZLE skill level. Additionally, for those who manage to break the existing record, an extra chest drop is rewarded.

In the Metaverse where the challenge takes place, a real-time Leaderboard showcases the 50 fastest players, creating a competitive environment and fueling the desire to be among the top performers.

The rewarding system can be customised according to the organiser's preferences. This can include variations such as different types of rewards, rewards for all players who complete the challenge at least once, rewards for the top 50 players on the leaderboard, and more.

The Treasure Hunt offers a stimulating and rewarding experience where players can immerse themselves in a captivating quest, solve puzzles, and compete for valuable rewards.

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