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The Nemesis Creator's Programme is designed to empower Content Creators and provide them with tools to unleash their creativity. The programme includes the Editor, which enables Creators to build 3D Sets and assets for various purposes within the Lands.

With The Nemesis Editor, Creators can customise their Lands and create unique gaming experiences (with coming releases). They are free to design and shape the virtual environments, adding their own creative touch to enhance gameplay and visual aesthetics.

Moreover, Creators will be able to leverage their skills and creations to earn COINS within the ecosystem. In fact, the internal Marketplace will allow Creators to sell their 3D Sets and assets to other users. By doing so, Creators will be able to monetise their work and generate income in the form of COINS, adding a dynamic economic aspect to their creative endeavors.

The Nemesis Editor is a free tool. In fact, as a Landowner, you will be able to use it for free to build your own virtual world and custom experiences. The Editor is linked to the Marketplace, where some assets will be offered for free while others will be available for purchase, either individually or in bundles. Additionally, you will have the option to buy an annual Pro Plan, specific to your Land, granting access to extra features, such as the Creator's tools. With this licence, you will be able to invite other Creators to collaborate on your Land, access advanced statistics and support, and utilise all Marketplace assets freely on that specific Land (except for assets crafted by Creators and/or "special" assets).

In this manner, The Nemesis aims to cater to Creators of all levels and aspirations. Whether they are individual Creators or part of a team, the programme offers the necessary tools and support to unleash their creative potential and contribute to the thriving ecosystem of the platform.


The Nemesis provides intriguing courses that allow participants to delve deeper into the concept of the Metaverse and understand how to utilise this powerful tool for marketing purposes. These courses specifically focus on 3 key areas: Sales, Level Design, and Game Design.

  • Sales: This course is designed to provide insights and strategies on leveraging the Metaverse for sales and marketing initiatives. Participants will learn how to effectively promote products or services within The Nemesis, engage with customers, and drive conversions. The course explores the unique opportunities and techniques that arise in Metaverse sales.

  • Level Design: This course delves into the art of creating immersive and captivating virtual environments within The Nemesis. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in designing levels that offer explorable gameplay experiences. They will learn about spatial arrangement, interactive elements and optimising user experiences within the virtual world.

  • Game Design: This course focuses on the intricacies of designing games within The Nemesis. Participants will learn fundamental of our gaming mechanics, in order to improve their storytelling skills through gameplay loops, player engagement, progression systems, and balanced game mechanics to create enjoyable and immersive gaming experiences within the platform.

These courses provide valuable insights into utilising the Metaverse as a marketing tool while honing skills in Sales, Level Design, and Game Design.

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