Harnessing our strong points for the Metaverse revolution


The Nemesis is the only Metaverse available both on desktop and mobile through iOS and Android apps. Moreover, we are the only platform to have integrated Metamask on our mobile app.


The Nemesis is a user-friendly environment where NFT Companions, NPCs and in-game assets, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence, take user experience to new heights. In fact, users can enjoy a seamless and engaging platform experience thanks to enhanced assistance and real-time responses on a wide range of topics.


Thanks to our AR features, users will be able to experience the convergence of virtual and real worlds like never before and immerse themselves in the interactive realm of augmented reality and witness their NFTs and digital assets come to life, both in-game and in real life. The Nemesis offers custom integrations for NFT collection owners, allowing them to engage their community in unique ways, and for "offline" communities, to activate users through in-store promotions, QR codes, and other innovative strategies.


The Nemesis can provide exceptional in-game support through seamless integration with our Support Centre. Through real-time assistance powered by AI, users are able to otbain prompt answers to enquiries. For second level support, our Support team steps in to provide top-notch human assistance. With this combined approach, users can immerse themselves in a smoother, more enjoyable experience within The Nemesis platform.


We offer an extensive collection of over 25 vehicles: cars, bikes, motorbikes horses, ships, and airplanes... the options are boundless! The vehicles serve as invaluable tools for creating heart-pumping competitions that can be personalised to integrate Brands, ambassador avatar skins, and a wealth of online and offline rewards. Overall, they become the key components in crafting exhilarating adventures that elevate user engagement to unprecedented levels, delivering an experience like never before!

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