A special tool to generate COINS

The Miner system is a tool that allows players to earn COINS when applied to a Land NFT. Miners generate COINS periodically and are categorised into 3 Production Rates: Epic, Rare, and Common.

The distribution of Miners on Lands NFTs is random, with an equal distribution across all Sectors. Each Land NFT can have a Miner belonging to one of the 4 Miner Worlds: Pirate, Sci-fi, Far-West, and City.

Miners generate COINS automatically every 24, 25 and 26 hrs, depending on their Production Rate:

  • Epic Miners generate 70 COINS in 24 hrs;

  • Rare Miners generate 50 COINS in 25 hrs;

  • Common Miners generate 30 COINS in 26 hrs.

The Land Owner will simply have to access the Land and collect the COINS in ordert to restart the production cycle. If the Land Owner doesn't access and collect COINS the production will just stop.

Miners are visible on Lands as traits of the NFTs. If a Land NFT is sold, the Miner is also sold as an integral part of it.

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