Avatar Skins

Personalisation and self-expression in the Metaverse

In The Nemesis, avatars serve as the in-game representations of players. They come with a default set of animations that allow for various actions, such as walking, running, jumping, swimming, dancing, horse-riding, driving, and fighting. These animations provide players with the means to interact and navigate the virtual worlds.

The avatars in The Nemesis can be customised by their respective owners through the use of different skins. Default skins are already included in the game, offering players a range of options to personalise their avatars. Additionally, special limited-edition skins are available, which can be inspired by influencers, NFT collections, or featuring branded assets.

Moreover, thanks to the integration of The Nemesis with Ready Player Me, users can create custom avatar skins or generate avatars based on real-life photos. In fact, Ready Player Me is a service that allows the creation of personalised avatars that can be used across multiple platforms and applications.

With this integration, users of The Nemesis have the option to customise their avatars based on their preferences, style, and desired appearance, or they can generate avatars that closely resemble their real-life photos. This adds an additional layer of personalisation and self-expression to the gameplay experience in The Nemesis, allowing users to stand out, show their individuality, and potentially connect with their favorite influencers or NFT brands within the game world.

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