This is a motorsport gameplay centred around adrenaline-pumping automobile races.

Users have the opportunity to participate using their RC-NITRO NFTs, which can be purchased on Opensea, or they can utilise the default cars available in the free starter pack.

The gameplay offers four game modes:

  • Time Attack: players must strive to record the best time on each track

  • PVP in Network: up to 8 players

  • PVE: training mode, 1 user vs 7 bots

  • Private Match: up to 8 players, accessible with a private link

It features a selection of seven unique tracks: toy room, garden, office, skatepark, kitchen, space and pirates.

In each race, the fastest player is rewarded with a chest containing cards. Additionally, the top five ranked players have their DRIVE skills and the level of their RC-NITRO NFTs upgraded, providing a tangible progression system for skilled racers. On the other hand, the slower players, ranging from 6th to 8th place, experience a decrease in experience for their RC-NITRO NFTs (excluding the Time Attack mode).

This gameplay fosters competition and rewards skillful racing, encouraging players to strive for better performance and climb the ranks. The progression system ensures that dedicated players can enhance their abilities and the level of their RC-NITRO NFTs, offering a sense of accomplishment and growth within the game.

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