Planet Genesis

The Caribbean Sea planet

Genesis, released in March 2023, offers a total of 11,520 Lands (purchasable here) each possessing its own unique characteristics and possibilities. One distinguishing feature of Genesis is its specific water filler, known as Caribbean Sea.

On Genesis, the Lands are organised into a carefully structured layout, providing a diverse and intriguing landscape for users to explore. Here is a breakdown of the Land distribution and features:

  • Sectors and Zones: Genesis is divided into 80 sectors, with each sector containing 144 Lands. Within these sectors, Lands are further categorised into 6 zones. The Centre zone comprises the central 4 Lands, while the remaining 5 zones are named numerically from 1 to 5. Zone 1 is the closest to the Sector Centre, while Zone 5 is the farthest;

  • Rarity and Proximity: The rarity of Lands on Genesis is directly linked to their proximity to the Centre. The closer a Land is to the Centre, the rarer it is deemed to be. This rarity classification adds an element of excitement and exclusivity to the Lands, offering unique opportunities for users to acquire and own highly coveted properties within the Metaverse;

  • Grid System: Each Land can be divided into a 5x5 imaginary grid, resulting in a total of 25 plots. This grid system creates a unique matrix for each Land, combining different terrain and filler elements. The matrix configuration adds depth and variety to the virtual landscape, ensuring that no two Lands are alike;

  • The Nemesis Editor: This awesome tool empowers users to unleash their creativity by allowing them to build on any plot within their Land. However, it's important to note that 3D Templates can only be placed on the terrain portions of the Land. This distinction ensures that users can design and customise their Lands with a diverse range of 3D assets, enhancing the immersive experience within their virtual territories;

  • Miners: Within Zones 1 to 5, approximately 50% of the Lands will have an additional randomly distributed feature: the Miner. These Miners provide an exciting Play-and-Earn opportunity for users, serving as valuable assets that contribute to the production of COINS, the in-game currency. The presence of Miners adds depth and strategic value to the Lands, encouraging users to explore and discover these hidden gems within the Metaverse.

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