The Nemesis in-game currency

In The Nemesis, COINS play a vital role as a stable in-game currency. COINS are designed to have a stable value of 0.01 USD, ensuring consistency within the game economy.

COINS are available for purchase through in-app top-up using fiat money. This means that players can directly buy COINS using traditional currency, making it accessible to a wide range of users, including those who may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, COINS can also be acquired through the use of NEMS, The Nemesis cryptocurrency, with a discount of 50%. This provides an opportunity for players holding NEMS to obtain COINS at a special price.

Earned COINS can be traded for NEMS within the game. This allows players to convert their in-game earnings into NEMS, which can then be cashed out on external exchanges. Cashing out NEMS on exchanges enables players to convert their in-game rewards into real-world value, providing an additional incentive for their participation and achievements within The Nemesis.


COINS can be used for any transaction within the platform, such as to purchase:

  • Avatar Skins, Equipment, and Power-ups: Users can spend COINS to purchase different avatar skins, equipment, and power-ups to customise and enhance their in-game assets and abilities;

  • Tickets for Exclusive Events and Restricted Areas: COINS can be used to get tickets for exclusive events and access restricted areas within the virtual worlds of The Nemesis. This allows users to participate in unique experiences and gain entry to special locations;

  • 3D assets: Creators can utilise COINS to purchase 3D assets from the Marketplace that can be used to build and customise their own 3D Sets. This allows Creators to bring their creative visions to life within the platform;

  • Services or assets: COINS can be used to acquire various services or assets available in the Marketplace. This includes purchasing experiences, virtual goods, or other services provided by Creators within The Nemesis ecosystem;

  • The Nemesis Merch: COINS can also be used to purchase official merchandise related to The Nemesis, providing users with the opportunity to own physical items associated with the platform.


To obtain COINS within The Nemesis, users can take advantage of the following methods:

  • Daily Challenge in Cloud City: Users can participate in the Daily Challenge in Cloud City to earn COINS as rewards;

  • Challenges with COINS rewards: Users can engage in gameplay challenges within The Nemesis and have the chance to obtain COINS as rewards for their achievements in these challenges;

  • Miners: Users owing Lands with Miners can generate COINS (more details here).

  • COINS top-ups: Users have the option to purchase COINS top-ups through in-app purchase (Apple Pay, PayPal) or NEMS, The Nemesis payment token. This allows users to get COINS to enhance their in-game experience.

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