Business Model

An ecosystem of endless possibilities

The Nemesis aims to create a free place where users can interact, explore, and take part in engaging activities within a shared virtual space.

Our business model revolves around offering virtual assets, experiences, and services, while also enabling users to create, own, and monetise their digital assets.

Our main segments are the following:

  • B2C: Users seeking new experiences and Creators interested in building and monetising their own virtual creations within our Metaverse. Revenues come from:

    1. Marketplace: in-game transactions to buy 3D assets, inventory items and seasonal passes;

    2. NFTs: Direct and secondary sales of Lands, Companions, RC-NITRO and Special Collections;

  • B2B: Brands and Companies looking to establish their presence in the Metaverse for marketing purposes with the aim to increase user engagement and improve Brand awareness and storytelling. Revenues are derived from the creation of branded experiences and events;

  • Marketing Agencies: agencies looking for innovative experiences for their customers. Revenues come from subscriptions, certification programme, dedicated special bundles.

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