This is a fascinating question quiz gameplay where questions encompass a range of general knowledge topics or can be tailored to specific products and messages the organiser wishes to convey to their audience.

Players can navigate through a series of multiple-choice questions, answering them correctly in sequence to progress through the quiz. They can replay the game as many times as they like. Each question presents three answer options, only one of which is correct.

The customizable nature of Trivia allows organisers to tailor the gameplay to their specific needs. They can choose the number of questions in the quiz, the categories or subjects covered, and the rewards offered to participants.

The rewarding system can be customised according to the organiser's preferences. This can include variations such as different types of rewards, reward to all the players who answer 100% of questions correctly, reward to all players who answer correctly a certain percentage of questions, and more.

Whether it's a journey through diverse general knowledge or a focused exploration of specific products and messages, this gameplay offers an engaging and rewarding gameplay format for Trivia enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

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