Attention! This game was discontinued as of February 6th, 2024.

A thrilling gameplay where users could train their NFT Companions and level them up by battling against each other within The Nemesis.

To play Dojo, users had to own an NFT Companion, purchasable on Opensea.

Users who didn't have an NFT Companion could still join the action using the default robots, although with limited functionalities. It was possible to challenge other players or play vs bots.

Until February 5th, 2024, 12 UTC the outcome of the battle determined the Companion's level progression. If the user emerged victorious, their Companion's level would increase, allowing them to improve their skills and reach a maximum level cap of 100. On the other hand, if the user lost the match, their Companion's level would decrease, motivating players to continuously improve their skills and tactics.

Companion Holders had the chance to level up their Companions through the Dojo until February 5th, 2024. Moreover, Companions reaching level 100 by this date granted their Holders a special Legendary Companion, which will play a crucial role in the upcoming Season Pass!

Dojo created a dynamic ecosystem where users could invest in their Companions, compete against others, and reap the benefits of their Companion's progression within the broader functionalities of The Nemesis platform.

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